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Soins Palliatifs Orléans (SPO) / Orleans Palliative Care Team provides bilingual community palliative care to patients in Orleans and Cumberland, ON.

We support early integration of palliative care, in conjunction with disease modifying treatments for patients and their families through community palliative care support.  

We accept referrals for patients with life-limiting illnesses who would benefit from being supported by 24 hour/day palliative care services in the community.  

We do not have a specific Palliative Performance Scale (PPS) cut off, and will support patients receiving any form of palliative treatments including oral or intravenous palliative chemotherapy, immunotherapy or targeted therapy as well as palliative radiotherapy, including patients who do not yet have a DNR order/directive. 

We also provide palliative care consultation services in the community and can take the role of most responsible provider if requested.

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